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From as early as I can remember, I had a massive desire to be around horses, hanging around anyone that owned one, offering to help them out in the hope of getting a ride. Living in Cosely, this wasn't easy, but I managed.

By the age of 8 I had bullied my mum and dad into booking my first riding lesson, they thought the novelty would wear off, of course it didn't and by the age of 10 I had my own pony and was away!

I left school at 16 to pursue my career and was fortunate enough to go to Cheshire to work and be trained by Carmen Lannie who became a huge part of my life. Consumed by horses, I progressed to BSJA under Carmen's wing, not only jumping my own horses but those owned by him and had great success in classes such as Osborne Grade C, Foxhunter and Opens.

After an accident, I decided to set up on my own, wanting to move more towards the training of horses and riders in a different way. It was then that I met my now good friend, Richard Maxwell from whom I learnt so much.

I moved to the Upper Hattons in 2000 when it was nothing but a derelict farm. With a lot of hard work and TLC, I am now proud to offer a variety of facilities where I am able to fulfill my passion of training both horses and riders. I still love to ride and compete, however I enjoy nothing more than teaching. I look forward to meeting you!

Jayne Goodwin.

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